Screen Protective Film w/ High Transparency Finish for iPad 2 iPad 3 HD - 2 Pack

  • $7.90

Screen Protective Film Cover w/ High Transparency Finish for iPad 2 and iPad 3 HD - 2 Pack Lot

Protect the screen on your iPad® 2 or iPad 3 from scratches and fingermarks with a high quality protective screen film. This screen protector is sized to perfectly fit your iPad 2 or iPad 3 and comes with a High Transparency finish, which allows the full spectrum of colors to shine through in all their original glory.

While the film will adhere to the screen, it will not leave any resins or residue when removed.

How to apply the Screen Protective Film :

  1. Please turn the device off. Clean the surface of the touch screen with the lint-free cloth in a dust-free environment. Please do not use cleaning agents.
  2. Start by folding down the backing layer. Avoid touching the back of the film, which may leave your fingerprints on it, peel off about an inch. Make sure the adhesive side is facing down.
    Note: Removing the backing all at once may cause static that could attract unwanted dust.
  3. Apply the film with adhesive side toward the screen. Align the screen protector with the screen edge and place it in position by applying light pressure to the film at the point of contact (front side).
    Work your way across the screen, slowly pulling the backing layer off.
    Be sure not to leave any bubbles on the screen surface as you go. If you have any air bubbles when finished, see below.
  4. If you notice bubbles as you go, pull back and retry. If it's caused by dirt, attempt to lightly flick it off or use the sticky side of a piece of tape, (clothes lint roller tape is best).
    Apply light pressure evenly across the surface until the film is completely adhered. If no dirt is present, very small air bubbles may dissipate in a few days.
Question: How do I put on the screen protector?
Answer: Step 1) Align the protective film with your device’s screen. We recommend aligning to the top first, then the sides, and finally the bottom. Check the overall alignment as carefully as possible prior to placing the film.

Step 2) Carefully remove the film from its protective backing layer.

Step 3) Using your thumbs and fingertips, apply the film to your device’s screen and work until the film lies smoothly on your device’s screen. If the alignment of your film is not correct, simply peel it off and re-apply.

Step 4) For securing problematic corners and edges, apply pressure to the tabs and flaps by holding them against the palm of your hand for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This process may need to be repeated several times, but will help secure difficult pieces.

**If you are having an issue with bubbles on the screen protector**
For applying the screen protector with the least amount of bubbles possible we recommend doing it in the bathroom while running a hot shower. The steam will pull any dust particles to the floor then you can apply the screen protector and smooth it out with a credit card. If the protector is being significantly problematic you can pop the air bubble.